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Vodafone customers, as the first on the market, will be able to travel across Europe with their domestic tariffs

23. May 2012

As the first on the market, starting 28th May, Vodafone customers will be able to use the allowance of their domestic tariffs in the majority of European countries. They will be able to light-heartedly call, send SMS and download data in 41 European countries for a roaming fee of only 99 CZK a day.

The service can be activated or deactivated before going abroad with the help of web and mobile Selfcare, the hotline, or any Vodafone shop. It can be activated or deactivated even from abroad using the free mobile Selfcare, or the free hotline at +420 776 970 219.

The daily fee of 99 CZK a day is charged only after the customer either makes or receives a call, downloads or uploads data or sends an SMS. It is then valid until the midnight of the same day. Receiving an SMS doesn´t activate the service and is for free. Incoming calls are free within the daily fee. After using the whole allowance of a domestic tariff, customers will call from abroad for the price of a standard Tailor made tariff (6,50 CZK/min and 1,50 CZK/SMS).

At the moment, the service is available to all consumer customers with Tarify na míru and data tariffs designated for handsets. The solution for business customers will be introduced in comming weeks.

The tariff is valid in following European countries:

Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonsko, Finsko, Francie, Francouzská Guayana, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Irsko, Island, Itálie, Jersey, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Isle of Man, Martinique, Monaco, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Reunion, Romania, Greece, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican, Great Britain.

Since last summer, Vodafone customers can also travel with their domestic data tariff (designated for handsets). Thanks to Vodafone passport Data tariffs, it is possible to use domestic data allowance for the price of a single fee in other 41 European countries.

Vodafone passport Data na den

Price per day

50 CZK incl. VAT


Same allowance as domestic tarifff

Vodafone passport Data na stálo

Price per month

350 CZK incl. VAT


Same allowance as domestic tariff