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Vodafone customers used roaming data four times as much as in 2009

07. June 2012

Because of worry-free roaming propositions, Vodafone customers are slowly getting used to using their handset as intensively abroad, as they do in the Czech Republic. Since the summer of 2009, the number of calls from abroad has risen by 15 %, number of sent SMS has risen by 43 % and data usage has risen by 343 %. Roaming prices will continue to decrease this summer, so Vodafone expects the traffic from abroad to rise even further.

Vodafone customers are also able to take the whole set of services they are using at home to other 41 European countries and use their domestic allowance abroad for a single daily fee of 99 CZK. Across the globe they are also protected against bill shock with the default spend limit of 1300 CZK/month which they may easily change.

Effective from 1st July, the price per minute with Vodafone World roaming drops by 16 % and price per SMS drops by 27 %. Moreover, the price of one downloaded MB with Pripojeni ze zahranici tariff drops by entire 30 %.   

The prices of World Roaming tariff will become more favourable:

  • The price of received calls will drop by 16 % from 10,30 CZK to 8,64 CZK
  • The price of incoming calls will drop by 27 % from 3,24 CZK to 2,38 CZK
  • The price of SMS drops by 17 % from 3,24 CZK to 2,68 CZK 

Downloading data with Pripojeni ze zahranici becomes more favourable too:

  • The price of 1 MB drops by 30 % from 30 CZK to 20,85 CZK

World Roaming and Pripojeni ze zahranici tariffs are suitable for customers, who use their handset scarcely while travelling and are also the default option for all customers travelling abroad, who didn´t choose a particular roaming tariff. However, for customers wanting to use their handset intensively while abroad, we recommend following tariffs: Vodafone passport, or Vodafone daily roaming.

Protection against bill shock: 

Vodafone customers also needn´t worry about bill shock after coming from holiday. There is a cap of 1300 CZK/month set by default on all customer accounts limiting the maximum spending on data services while abroad. This maximum spend limit is valid across the globe and can be easily changed both upwards and downwards via operators, or web Selfcare. 

Vodafone daily roaming 

With this tariff, customers are able to use the allowance of their domestic voice, data or SMS tariff in 41 European countries for a daily fee of 99 CZK