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Vodafone stepping up efforts to cover Czech cities with LTE (4G)

24. November 2014

In addition to the frequencies it secured at the recent auction, Vodafone will use its 2100 MHz frequencies to cover cities with LTE (4G), which will overlap its existing 3G service there. 3G will still remain in operation. The first customers will be able to enjoy LTE on 2100 MHz in Kladno, Olomouc and Slaný as early as in December 2014. All cities should be covered by the end of summer 2015.

Vodafone will deploy LTE on the 2100 MHz frequency using a 10 MHz band with a maximum theoretical download speed of up to 75 Mbit/s, which is identical with LTE speeds on 800 MHz.

“As yet another innovative step taken by Vodafone, LTE on 2100 MHz can be launched much faster than what is required by the frequency auction conditions for fast mobile Internet coverage. Our customers will be, therefore, able to access LTE services much earlier than originally anticipated,” says Tanja Richter, Vodafone’s Vice President for technologies, adding: “Since we now have universally usable mobile devices, Vodafone strives to provide customers with the best services as part of our Turbo Internet regardless of frequencies and technologies.”

Thanks to the ongoing network modernisation, Vodafone now has state-of-the-art equipment that allows simultaneous transmission in both 3G and 4G technologies (SingleRAN). This approach significantly reduces both the technical complexity and the cost of the solution. Technology of the radio portion of the network is supplied by Huawei.

In order to connect to LTE 2100 MHz and any other LTE frequency, users need to subscribe to one of Vodafone’s data tariffs and must have an LTE SIM card as well as a mobile device that supports the frequency. Most smartphones currently sold in the market already come with standard LTE support for 800, 900, 1800, 2100 and 2600 MHz frequencies.

For more information and a map of Turbo Internet coverage (fast mobile Internet on 3G and LTE 800, 900, 1800 and 2100 MHz), go to www.vodafone.cz/turbo.