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Vodafone Zoom survey: Mobiles as our hobby?

22. June 2006

Czech free time mobile “skills”... ..

Czech free time mobile “skills”...
... are confirmed by the first results of the Vodafone live! service

According to the “Vodafone Zoom: Mobiles as our hobby” survey, Czechs are most interested in domestic and international news, information about the weather, sport and TV programs. 35% of survey respondents get this information through their mobile phones. For the rest of the respondents, the main barriers were concerns about prices, about complicated set up and usage of these services.

Most downloads are from the following sections: Music (real ringtones), Games (Sudoku), Sport (the football championships in Germany), News and Weather (domestic politics) and Images (the Da Vinci Code).

Mobile phones now offer much more than just the ability to make and receive calls and send and receive SMS messages. However, nearly a third of the respondents said that the functions of their mobiles are rather unknown and 41% of them say that they use only some functions. The most common barriers are concerns:

  • about prices (is it affordable? 74%, how do I know how much it costs? 56% ),
  • about setting up the service (how to set this up, activate it, where do I look for it in the mobile? 68% ),
  • about using the service (how does it function? 44%, how to I orient myself? 47%),
  • about content (will I find what I’m looking for?, the latest and practical information? 51%).

The new Vodafone live! service eliminates these barriers with four basic pillars. Preset telephones for fast and easy access to the portal, a multimedia portal with practical and regularly updated information, advance notification of prices for content, and free menu browsing, as well as the opportunity to try the service for the first month free of charge.

User-friendliness and affordability is also confirmed by fact, that Vodafone live! portal is used by over 80% of customers with Vodafone live! telephone comparing to 13% wap users with telephone without Vodafone live!.

Most of us download games, logos, images and melodies to our mobile phones, or we use our mobiles to check out the latest news, weather forecasts and travel guides. In addition to this, we also regard our mobile phones as a source of information about public transportation schedules, cinema listings, and traffic conditions. The main reasons are

  • access to information anywhere at anytime - 96%,
  • practicality - 92%,
  • speed - 89%,
  • up-to-date information - 97%.

Nearly 60% of respondents use their mobile phones for entertainment. Reasons are to make use of free time, kill boredom and to relax. The entertainment services that are browsed the most frequently are downloading logos, images, melodies and games, listening to music and reading jokes.

35% of respondents use their mobile phones to browse news, practical information, weather forecasts, and do so either for fast orientation (26%), or to make use of their free time (19%).

Vodafone live! statistics

The most downloaded sections in the Vodafone live! portal:

  1. Music
  2. Games
  3. Sport
  4. News and Weather
  5. Images

The most downloaded subsections in the Vodafone live! portal:

  1. Real ringtones (Music section)
  2. Football championships in Germany – special / mini-site (Sport section)
  3. 2006 Elections – special / mini-site (News and Weather section)
  4. Wallpapers (Images section)
  5. Vivid (Erotica section)

I. Useful information in mobiles

In the News and Weather section of Vodafone live!, the most downloads are in:

  1. domestic politics,
  2. weather,
  3. tabloids and celebrities,
  4. domestic economics.

In the Sport section of Vodafone live!, the most downloads are in:

  1. Football Special (Football Championships in Germany) – in the scope of which it has been the “updated results of Czech players”

In the Information and Services section of Vodafone live!, the most downloads are in:

  1. public transportation schedules,
  2. traffic conditions.

II. Mobile entertainment

In the Entertainment section of Vodafone live!, the most downloads are in:

  1. Jokes
  2. TV program

In the Games section of Vodafone live!, the most downloads are in:

  1. Sudoku
  2. FIFA World Cup 2006
  3. Prince of Persia: The two thrones
  4. The Da Vinci Code – Light Puzzle
  5. Tetris

In the Images section of Vodafone live!, the most downloads are in:

  1. The Da Vinci Code
  2. Baby vizuály
  3. Cool bike

In the Erotica section of Vodafone live!, the most downloads are in:

  1. Vivid
  2. Blesk – Girl of the Day
  3. Playboy
  4. Private
  5. Chi Chi