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Vodafone introduces a unique ecological assessment for phones

06. September 2012

Vodafone introduces, as the first operator in the Czech Republic, an Eco-rating for mobile phones. It is a parameter that evaluates phones in terms of their environmental impact. This allows the customer to choose a phone that is as environmentally considerate as possible. The assessment is provided and funded by Vodafone Group independently of the manufacturers and compiled by specialized agencies according to a number of criteria, such as water and energy consumption in the production of the phone, the amount of packaging material, recycled materials and the environmental policy of the supplier.

"Eco-rating gives the customer the necessary information for choosing a phone based on its environmental performance," said Přemysl Filip, senior manager of corporate social responsibility and adds: "We try to motivate the handset manufacturer to treat the environment as considerately as possible."

The Eco-rating of a telephone is evaluated in terms of its impact on the environment in the range of 1 to 5. The phone reaches a higher rating the less burdensome it is on the environment. The Eco-rating is based on the evaluation of the supplier and on the product itself based on answers to over 230 questions.

Vodafone, also in collaboration with REMA Systém, motivates customers and employees to recycle old phones. Last year in the Czech Republic, only 6% of  old phones were recycled.

Peter Kubernát, Director REMA Systém, the company that ensures the recycling of collected phones adds: "Gradually this small percentage manages to work together to raise awareness among employees and customers. I believe that in the future, people will finally recycle their old cell phones a lot more often."

More information about Eco-ratings can be found at: http://www.vodafone.cz/eko-trida.