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Vodafone zařazuje do nabídky chytré hodinky Samsung Gear S

05. December 2014

Vodafone is expanding its product portfolio with the latest smartwatch model by Samsung. Samsung Gear S features an integrated nanoSIM slot and supports GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The new model is now available at a special price of CZK 4,777 combined with the fast Internet.

Vodafone offers the new model at a standard price of CZK 9,577. The special price of CZK 4,777 is available to the customers who sign a two-year contract for the fast Internet Red LTE tariff with a monthly instalment of CZK 200. The LTE SIM card is included free of charge. The new model can be tried in Prague and Brno at the stores listed below. 

Praha Nový Smíchov II.

Praha Tesco Letňany

Praha Chodov

Brno Vaňkova

Praha Jugoslávská

Praha Václavské nám.

Praha Národní 

After being paired with a Samsung phone, the new Samsung Gear S smartwatch is able to make calls, send SMS or navigate. If you download the Opera Mini web browser at the Play Store, you can also use the fast mobile Internet through the touch screen.

The new Samsung smartwatch displays all notifications, so you don't have to check your phone all the time. The device will also please the fans of a healthy lifestyle as it measures the heart rate and includes a pedometer, too. The useful monitoring features and its luxury design make Samsung Gear S a top-class assistant for improving your condition as well as a perfect gift for those who want to start exercising in the New  Year.