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Vodafone opens the 50th International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary with a Star Party

02. July 2015

Vodafone partners the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for the ninth time already and this year it will launch the event with the Vodafone Star Party at the Hot Spring Colonnade. Like every year, the popular Vodafone beach with the free 4G LTE Wi-Fi network will open. Vodafone will also offer the Vodafone KVIFF Guide app including the full festival programme and the option for booking tickets from a smart device.

Every year, the popular Vodafone beach is a sought-after place allowing the visitors to take a break before they go to see another film. There, they can surf the web taking advantage of the fast 4G LTE connection, take a selfie in front of a photo wall, go for a swim or challenge others in boat races. The huge Vodafone Star Night opening party starting at 22:30 this Friday will be headlined by the French DJ Uppermost and the Czech Radio Wave. To enter the event, the visitors will need to wear a red lipstick or a bow tie.

At the Vodafone beacon in the centre of the beach, the operator will offer telephones and tablets supporting LTE which the visitors can borrow and try while taking part in contests for attractive awards or playing a gaming machine. All Vodafone customers can have their data limits topped there free of charge. Moving around Karlovy Vary will be easier with the red Velotrixes, having a tablet with the official KVIFF Guide booking app on board along with a quiz brochure. When they fill in the quiz, the visitors will get a coin to be used with the gaming machine.

To have a burger, yoghurt ice cream or a good drink, the visitors can stop at the chill out area of Café del Vodafone. The place shaded by real palm trees can seat up to 60 people to whom Vodafone will present the wireless internet technology. 

For film enthusiasts, Vodafone has prepared the KVIFF Guide 2015 app offering all the relevant information ranging from particular theatre schedules through details of the social events to a map of the area. Tickets can be booked using the app or via SMS. The KVIFF Guide will be downloadable before the opening of the festival. It can also be obtained from the www.vodafone.cz/vary microsite and is available for Android, iOS and, for the first time this year, for Windows Phone, too.

The fans of the constantly growing Periscope social platform, which has newly introduced the playback option for previously recorded sessions, will be happy about the live-streamed video reports and shots from Vodafone events, short celebrity interviews or contests offered by Vodafone.