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Vodafone begins to bill calls by the second

20. August 2012

Vodafone traditionally continues to push for a fair approach to customers on the Czech market and come out with significant changes in their tariffs. As the first and only mobile operator in the country to introduce their new fair rates charged by the second for business and residential customers. Thanks to that, they will be charged domestic and international calls according to their actual length. All new tariffs will also have unlimited SMS. Vodafone also gives customers the opportunity to use all the minutes in the tariffs for international calls to 29 countries including most European countries, but also for example to the U.S., China and Vietnam. Fair tariffs will be available to both business and non-business, new and existing Vodafone customers to activate from the 27th of August.

"This type of billing is fair to customers and it is also the right direction for the market to develop now," says Mario Mele, Vice President, Retail Customers, Vodafone.

Main Advantages of Fair Tariffs:

• Billing for domestic and international calls per second

• Unlimited SMS in all packages

• All free units can be used to call abroad

• Packages for corporate customers include unlimited calls within the company

• Clear and transparent tariff structure

Main packages:

"We believe that the new tariff structure is clear and transparent at first glance. We focus on three main packages, according to our surveys and detailed analysis of customer behavior that meet the needs of the vast majority of customers," says Fernando Alves da Costa-Cabral, Director of Pricing at Vodafone.

Additional Packages:

Calls are charged per second even after the end of free units. Prices per calling minutes beyond the free units in the package will be domestically CZK 4.99 and to the 29 below mentioned countries CZK 11.40. In addition to the new packages, Vodafone will also continue to be ready to meet the individual needs of corporate and retail customers.

Per second billing on the new tariffs is available for all customers:

  • Corporate and retail
  • New and current
  • With or without a contract

Subsidized handsets:

Vodafone is still the only operator on the market that offers the same convenient services to customers without a contract. The new Fair tariffs will also be available without a contract. To allow Vodafone to offer discounted phones more than ever, we're introducing a commitment of 24 months for customers who purchase a subsidized phone.

In September, for example, Vodafone offers:

  • Huawei Ascend G300 for CZK 377 with a minimum monthly spend of CZK 777 and a commitment of 24 months
  • HTC One V for CZK 1 777 with a minimum monthly spend of CZK 1 177 and a commitment of 24 months
  • iPhone 4S for CZK 7 777 with a minimum monthly spend of CZK 2 177 and a commitment of 24 months

Units under Fair tariffs can be used for calls to the following countries:

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, Hungary, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Greece, San Marino, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland , Ukraine, USA, United Kingdom, Vietnam

Fair billing saves units:

Anything other than per second call billing can lead to a more expensive bill for voice services. This fact is supported by independent data from dTest magazine and the server Lupa.cz.  Charging customers with 60+60 (by the minute) making the same number of calls, will increase by 31% more units and customer accounting with 60+30 results in 23% more units than for customers to whom calls are billed by the second.