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Vodafone is testing IP calling from the Park

18. April 2012

Vodafone wants to take advantage of the existing connection of the Vodafone Park portal with the GSM network and test the possibility of IP calling from this portal to mobile phones in its own network. The operator is going to ask a selected group of customers to test the quality of calls and the interface usability. The testers will gain two months of free, unlimited calling to the Vodafone network.

“The SMS gateways, archives and the possibility to back up the contacts from your phone make Vodafone Park very well equipped for the connection with a mobile network. The next step in the evolution of the portal is to test calling to our own network,” says Robert Frank, the project manager. “After the evaluation of the testing, which will be focused on the user experience and satisfaction with the quality of calls, we are going to decide whether we will launch the service on the market,” he adds. 

The advantages of IP calling from the Park:

  • You can transfer your complete directory to Vodafone Park
  • The person you are calling can see your mobile number on their phone
  • No installation necessary, everything works online
  • Easy to use 

In the next days, Vodafone is going to contact a large group of its customers and ask them to take part in the testing. Other customers interested in the testing can register at park@vodafone.cz. On the whole, the free, unlimited calling to the Vodafone network for two months is going to be tested by 5 – 6 thousand users. The testers will only be asked to report shortly on the service quality.

The Vodafone Park communication portal was launched in September 2009. Today, it has over a million registered users, who send approximately 300,000 SMS from it every day. Its most favourite functionalities are SMS and MMS gateways and mailboxes, as well as the possibility to back up the contacts from your mobile phone.