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Vodafone launches eCashdesk

18. November 2015

Vodafone has launched the eCashDesk application which enables all businesses, including small entrepreneurs, to keep register of the date of all their sales transactions. Making business more effective, this simple and inexpensive solution will also help entrepreneurs to switch to the system of electronic sales registration, which is supposed to be launched in the Czech Republic in 2016.

From now on, all entrepreneurs can start using the eCashDesk application to make their business easier and to comply with the prospective legal obligation. "We are the first mobile operator to offer such a solution. The eCashDesk enables entrepreneurs to keep track of all their business transactions, which will make their business more effective. Moreover, the entrepreneurs who are going to be obligated by the coming act can get ready for the change in advance," says Jiří Báča, Vice President at Vodafone.

Vodafone eCashDesk is a simple application which can be downloaded at App Store or Google Play. It can be installed on any smartphone or tablet using the Android operating system version 4.3 and higher, or iOS version 7.0 and higher. To activate the application, a licence with a monthly fee has to be bought. 

Vodafone offers the application in bundles which differ in the monthly fee and the range of functions. The "Standard" version is designed for an unlimited range of products, while the "Complete" version will suit restaurants, for example, and offer a number of advanced features, such as the possibility to keep track of the stock in real time.

eCashDesk versions

Type of business

Monthly fee incl. VAT


Retail, small restaurants, comprehensive services (e.g. garage)

CZK 300


Retail, restaurants

CZK 420


In addition to the bundles, Vodafone offers a portable bill printer which can be connected via bluetooth. The printer costs CZK 5,377 including VAT. Its operation is very inexpensive. 

From the start, the application will keep register of the date of all transactions and is able to work offline as well. "Besides cash, the application can also accept meal vouchers. Moreover, if the entrepreneur wants to accept payment cards, he or she can get an mPOS mobile payment terminal to connect to his phone or tablet using the eCashDesk application," adds Jiří Báča. 

The simple and secure solution is now available to all entrepreneurs. They can test it and return within the trial period if they are not satisfied. 

As soon as the Electronic Sales Registration Act takes effect, enterpreneurs will be required to enter a special number code provided by the Ministry of Finance into the application. From that moment, all sales data will be submitted online to the Financial Administration. Vodafone is going to inform all eCashDesk users of this measure on time. To be able to submit the required information to the portal of the Ministry of Finance, users will need to have Internet access. In most cases, the basic data tariff will do.