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Vodafone joins the Earth Hour

27. March 2012

Once again, Vodafone is going to participate in the Earth Hour event this year. On Saturday 31 March, from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM, the operator will reduce the electricity consumption at its non-stop call center in Chrudim to the indispensable minimum. At the same time, Vodafone will turn off the lights at its shops and hand out special design candles to customers. The company’s illuminated logos will be switched off as well. The Earth Hour is a global event in which a number of cities, companies and individuals aim to draw attention to the need of environmental protection. Vodafone appeals to its employees and customers to join the event and switch off their lights for an hour, too.

By joining the Earth Hour, Vodafone highlights its promise to reduce its CO2 emissions by half by 2020. The company has been already accomplishing this commitment by energy savings in its network and purchasing green energy from sustainable sources.

“By supporting the Earth Hour event, we also want to inspire our employees and customers,” says Přemysl Filip, Senior Manager for Corporate Responsibility at Vodafone. “By switching off the lights, we are going to join a growing number of people and companies that are not indifferent to the protection of the Earth,” he adds.

As part of the event, Vodafone is going to give a small present to all customers who activate or extend their data services at Vodafone shops. Every one of them will receive one of 2000 design candles to use during the Earth Hour. The offer will be available from 28 to 31 March or while supply lasts.

In addition, Vodafone, in cooperation with the Veronica Ecological Institute, have prepared a photo contest for those who join the Earth Hour. People are invited to send in their photos featuring the preparation and course of the event. and win one of the following smartphones: Nokia Lumia 710, Samsung GALAXY Mini or Vodafone 858 White. The contest terms and conditions are available at www.cilichili.cz.