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Vodafone introduces My Vodafone application

27. March 2012

The new My Vodafone application allows customers to view their bill and keep track of their usage right in their smartphone. The application makes it possible to use the Internet Self Care and is available for smartphones powered by the Android and iOS operating systems.

The use of My Vodafone is free of all charges, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. While using it, no data from the customer’s FUP limit are deducted. The application is available even to customers who have not signed for any data tariff. 

My Vodafone features:

  • Smart Overview – keeping track of your spending prior to the issue of the Invoice
  • Data Usage – keeping track of your usage of data from the Internet bundle
  • Last Invoice – information about the amount and state of the last Invoice for post-paid customers, or information on credit and its validity for pre-paid customers
  • Additional FUP Limit – the possibility to buy additional FUP limit for your Internet bundle
„In a few weeks, we are going to add other useful features in the application, such as the information about the usage of your voice and SMS bundle. We are going to focus particularly on those features which are at the top of our customers´ wish list and will keep adding them throughout the whole year,” said Petr Baláž, the Online Care Manager at Vodafone.

The My Vodafone application allows permanent login, so that customers need to enter their phone number and password just once.

At the moment, the application can be downloaded free of charge in App Store at http://itunes.apple.com/cz/app/muj-vodafone/id509838162?mt=8

and in Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zentity.vodafone

In the future, the My Vodafone application will be also available for the Windows Phone 7 operated devices and in the tablet-optimized version.