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Vodafone is introducing advantageous weekly roaming bundle

19. May 2016

After having introduced unlimited monthly roaming plan, Vodafone is coming with another advantageus offer for those who plan their summer holiday abroad. It is going to please the customers who are going abroad for just a week. From 18 May, they can activate a seven-day roaming bundle for CZK 300.

“Vodafone´s Roaming for 7 Days is a unique service which enables customers to use their home tariff even when abroad. Striving to make communication even more comfortable, we introduced this bundle to let our customers enjoy their holidays and communicate without worrying about their expenses,” says Petr Dvořák, Vice-President for Consumer Customers at Vodafone.

The bundle is available to the customers who use a tariff allowing them to activate Roaming for One Day. For example, customers using the unlimited Red LTE tariffs can enjoy unlimited calls, SMS and up to 100 MB of data every day even when they are abroad.

Customers who plan a holiday abroad for less than a week can activate Roaming for One Day for CZK 69. The monthly roaming plan has been available to the customers with the unlimited Red LTE Premium tariff since the beginning of May.