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Vodafone opens the most modern Customer Center for companies

08. March 2012

The Vodafone OneNet customer service center is a unique and technologically modern space where customers can build telecommunications solutions, test their selected products live and see how Vodafone is able to provide quality services. All in one place and in the presence of a qualified guide. Vodafone decided to build a modern center designed for corporate customers after it increased its share of corporate customers from 17.7% to 18.9% last year and significantly strengthened the segment of government customers.

"Everything at OneNet Center begins with an conversation. About the specific needs of the business sector and the companies and the challenges it faces. We don't ask entrepreneurs what services they need. We ask how we can, as an operator, help them grow," says Pavel Hlavinka, Vice President for Corporate Customers at Vodafone. 

Vodafone and companies: 

  • 205,000 companies phone with Vodafone
  • 2,500 companies use the OneNet platform, bringing together both mobile and fixed line and Internet
  • Vodafone's share in the provision of mobile government services increased from 4% to 6.9% compared to last year,
  • KKCG, Fire Rescue, Madeta and the National Heritage Institute are major clients of Vodafone

Products and services live:

  • OneNet (solutions for fixed, mobile and Internet)
  • The latest mobile phones (Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Devices with SIMs: cameras, surveillance fleet
  • The 3G Zone – femtocell

Technical assistance:

  • Tools for separate account management online
  • Videoconferencing call with technical center - the ability to monitor call quality and data traffic of a particular company