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Vodafone celebrated spring by donating blood

11. April 2012

Vodafone continues to promote blood donation among its employees and customers. In the second week of April, it organized its fourth collective voluntary blood donation at its Prague headquarters and the Chrudim call centre. So far, over 135 litres of blood have been donated by more than 300 donors at Vodafone.

“For a long time, we have been encouraging our employees to donate blood and motivating our customers to do the same,” says Přemysl Filip, Senior Manager for Corporate Responsibility at Vodafone. “Blood donating at Vodafone is accomplished in cooperation with the Central Military Hospital in Prague and the Chrudim hospital,” he adds. 

After two years, Vodafone also innovated its portal www.darujem.cz, with the Czech Red Cross as the exclusive partner of the project. It gives donors the possibility to become a fan of their blood group at Facebook, look up blood collection points, view thematic films or become a part of the blood map. The website also gives notice of collection dates. The website was created in partnership with Media Factory, which is the second partner of the project and administers the website as well as the profiles at social networks through which volunteers can also sign up for blood donation. 

“It’s a pleasure for us to support voluntary blood donors who are still scarce,” says Miroslava Jirůtková of the Czech Red Cross. “We appreciate that Vodafone has decided to promote blood donation not only by encouraging its employees to donate blood, but also by creating the donor website and organizing a media campaign,” she adds. 

Vodafone has been promoting blood donation for several years and was awarded the Health and Safe Environment Award in 2011.