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Vodafone offers news from MS in hockey abroad for free

29. April 2011

Vodafone, in collaboration with the server www.isport.cz, offers its customers free international news from the world championships in ice hockey. To surf the site http://www.isport.

Vodafone, in collaboration with the server www.isport.cz, offers its customers free international news from the world championships in ice hockey. To surf the site http://www.isport.cz/mshokej the customers will not be charged or have the amount of data transferred deducted. Customers who have activated any data roaming tariff from Vodafone can take advantage of this service.

"We wanted all owners of smartphones and hockey fans to enjoy this offer, who at the time of such championships are on a business trip or vacation abroad, but yet do not want to miss out on the current information of how our team and their opponents are doing," explained Martin Chvátal, Senior Marketing Specialist, Vodafone roaming services.

Thanks to your smartphone and the mobile site http://www.isport.cz/mshokej even Vodafone customers who are abroad can see the images of hockey events, without having to pay for transferred data. Customers who use any of the paid plans, will not have data counted against the FUP limit in the package while on this page. Those who are abroad and pay per kilobyte transferred separately don't pay a single crown for access to this particular page.

On the site users will find all relevant information about events on the hockey championship schedule, including matches and match results, background information and brief interviews with the players. The pages will be accessible free in all European countries during the entire World Cup, ie, from April 29 to the end of May.

Even those customers who want to watch more foreign news not only about hockey, do not have to worry about high bills for Internet access abroad. When you activate any of the new data roaming tariffs, Vodafone Passport Data for a day or Vodafone Passport data always on, you can use the mobile Internet for a daily fee of 50 crowns and a monthly fee of 177 crowns as well as at home. Fares can be activated by OneNet customers and customers transferring to the new system, using some of the domestic data tariffs Internet on your mobile phone or Mobile Internet Loaded. If you exceed the amount of data only bandwidth is reduced, but the connection will still run, and the customer does not pay a crown extra. For more information on data roaming tariffs can be found at www.vodafone.cz/roaming.