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Vodafone to update its systems at the weekend

31. October 2012

During the weekend of 2 to 4 November 2012, Vodafone is going to update its systems. In order to ensure that the update runs properly, the services of the Internet, Mobile, SMS and Voice Self Care, as well as of the My Vodafone application, will be temporarily suspended from Friday 6 p.m. until Sunday evening. Otherwise, the network will operate as usual, that is, the voice, text and data services will not be affected in any way.

“We recommend that our customers make all service set-ups and activations by Friday noon. We are truly sorry for the temporary discomfort and appreciate our customers´ understanding,” says Jiří Pluháček, responsible for this project at Vodafone.   

Customers who need to block their lost or stolen SIM card can contact the Customer Service at 800 77 00 77. Other requests will not be possible to be dealt with during the weekend. Customers can contact us the following week. The Internet, Mobile and SMS Self Care, as well as the My Vodafone application, will be inaccessible the whole weekend.

Pre-paid customers are recommended to top up their credit online with a credit card, or via ATMs and top-up terminals. Transactions made via other channels will be recorded and processed after the scheduled outage is terminated. To activate a new SIM card, customers are asked to wait until the next week. 

During the whole weekend, the Vodafone eShop will take orders as usual, however, they won’t be processed and dispatched until after the outage. Therefore it is necessary to take into account a slight delay in delivery.

The Vodafone Park server will be in full operation the whole weekend.