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Vodafone will offer a special edition of Nokia Lumia 900

26. June 2012

From 1 July, Vodafone will offer a new model of Nokia Lumia 900 in a limited Batman edition called The Dark Knight Rises. The new phone will be available exclusively at Vodafone, becoming a part of the extended smartphone portfolio of the Vodafone Smartphone Centre.

“We are introducing the latest models and technology to allow customers to try everything out and choose a smartphone which best suits their needs. The unique edition The Dark Knight Rises will be available at selected data stores in Prague and Brno, as well as at our e-shop,” says David Novák, the Phone Portfolio Manager at Vodafone.   

The Batman edition of Nokia Lumia 900 will be offered in a special package with the film motif. Customers will be able to download The Dark Knight Rises Nokia App, including special wallpapers and ringing tones with the film music. The application will also offer information about the actors and their pictures, as well as the special Gotham City Game developed in cooperation with Foursquare. 

As part of the promotion, Vodafone has prepared a contest at its Facebook profile where a special site will be created to provide all necessary information. Nokia Lumia 900 will be available for CZK 13,977 at Vodafone. 

Besides the special edition, Vodafone will offer Nokia Lumia 900 in black colour, which will be available at all Vodafone data stores and e-shop. All customers who buy Nokia Lumia 900 in July will get two cinema tickets as a bonus.