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Vodafone covers 95% of the population by Turbo Internet and offers unlimited data for Christmas

12. November 2014

Vodafone will delight all Internet surfers with two months of unlimited data-browsing. Corporate and private customers with both prepaid cards and tariffs during the Christmas offer can try unlimited data and then more easily decide on the most advantageous tariff that will satisfy their needs also when using fast mobile internet. Vodafone covers with Turbo Internet already 95% of population and its LTE will cover all cities in CZ by end of summer 2015.

"We recognize that some customers do not consume nearly all the data that they have available in their tariff. There are also customers who are nearing the end of their monthly volume limit and unnecessarily restrict their surfing so as not to go beyond it. We want to give everyone the opportunity to try out unlimited free surfing during the Christmas period," says Petr Dvořák, Vice President for retail customers.

Between the 13th of November 2014 and the 15th of January 2015, users of Data beyond the package will not be constrained by any data limit, each increase of data limit will be for free. Special events should show customers what their consumption of data is, if they use the Internet according to their real needs and requirements. The resulting volume of data consumed will help with deciding which tariff to choose. The offer is available to all users of Data services above the limits of their package, but does not apply to corporate users of the OneNet solution.

Unlimited data is not the only Christmas gift from Vodafone. There is also an offer of smartphones for loyal customers with support for fast data thanks to LTE technology, which customers can buy with an initial payment of 1 crown.

We have it covered. The free ride begins. 

For data usage, Vodafone offers great conditions. From the original plan to achieve 93% population coverage by the end of December 2014, Turbo Internet already covers 95% of the population. The construction of LTE networks continues in the whole Czech Republic, not only in rural areas but also in cities. For example Brno will be completely covered by the end of March 2015 and we also continue in covering Prague. By late summer 2015, Vodafone LTE will cover all cities in the country.

At the end of October, Vodafone began, as the first operator, to offer LTE roaming. In addition for geeks, LTE Advanced was also launched on ten transmitters in Prague and one in Karlovy Vary. LTE-A allows a theoretical data transfer speed of up to 225 Mbit/s for download and 50 Mbit/s for upload / sending.

The Christmas offer from Vodafone will be accompanied with a campaign with the slogan "We have it covered, the free ride begins," which will be held in the spirit of figure skating. In addition to ambassadors of Turbo Internet, figure skater Tomáš Verner will join the campaign in commercials from the 17th of November and take his free ride. An extensive campaign focused on television, outdoor and online channels was created in collaboration with McCann Prague and OMD. The director of the commercials is Dan Růžička.