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Vodafone má již potřetí titul nejlepší datová a hlasová síť v nezávislém porovnání společnosti P3 communications

30. May 2018

The tests consisted of 4,800 calls and 1,900 data transactions and showed that Vodafone that Vodafone achieved the highest score for data transfer and the most reliable voice services. The renowned company P3 communications awarded the Best in Test certificate to Vodafone Czech Republic after the company scored 942 points out of 1,000. Rival operators scored 930 and 906 points.

“We achieved the best results in the history of P3 communications’ independent tests in the Czech Republic. The independent tests showed that according to the achieved score Vodafone’s belongs among the Top 5 operators in Europe. This comes as an important recognition of our hard work and we are determined to continue delivering new options and ever higher quality of services to our customers,” says Vodafone’s CEO Petr Dvořák, adding: “Our investments in the new generation of mobile networks that we have built over the past few years are now brining fruit in the form of test results and customer experience. The quality of our customer care is further evidenced by the fact that this is already our third win.”

Between April 13 and 28, 2018, the P3, the global industry-leader in mobile benchmarking performed preformed independent tests of mobile network quality. The test ensured a fair representation of different areas of Bohemian and Moravian towns as well as roads and confirmed Vodafone network’s high technological quality in types of measurements – voice call and data service quality.

The tests took place in real-life conditions in Prague Brno, Plzeň, Ostrava and 32 other towns and on connecting roads. Both voice and data services were tested using a Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone.

Vodafone achieved the overall highest percentage of qualified calls, i.e. successfully initiated and terminated calls and outdid competitors in each of the geographical area of cities as well as roads in terms of voice quality indicators. In the voice quality test, Vodafone scored 362 points out of 400, compared with 359 points scored by Operator 2 and 344 points scored by Operator 3.

In the data service test, P3 communications focused on 4G/LTE. Vodafone once again achieved the highest score in all three geographical test areas, in cities, towns and on roads. The Vodafone network scored 580 points out of 600, compared with 571 points scored by Operator2 and 562 points scored by Operator 3.

The network tests also demonstrated the advantages of the advanced 4G/LTE technology. In large cities, P3 communications found that a 7-second data download in the Vodafone network happened at an average speed of 83.8 Mbps. Operator 2 achieved a speed of 74.1 Mbps and Operator 3 an average download speed of 40.5bps.

Vodafone also achieved the best results in terms of user experience when watching Youtube videos in all tested indicators.

For more information, the award certificate and test map, go to the P3 communications web site www.p3-group.com/en/czechrepublic .