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Vodafone launched LTE in Karlovy Vary

04. June 2013

Karlovy Vary is the first city where Vodafone launched LTE, the fastest wireless data communications technology. LTE has been installed on twenty base stations in the centre and around the spa city, covering approximately 44 thousand residents. Vodafone was running a trial operation of the network from the beginning of June.

“For the seventh time in a row, Vodafone is sponsoring the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, covering the city with the most advanced communications technologies. We are happy that our customers in Karlovy Vary can be the first to try voice and data over the LTE network,” says Tanja Richter, Vice President for Technology at Vodafone. “When we are able to offer this standard to the rest of the Czech Republic depends on the outcome of the frequency auction, which is now being prepared by the Czech Telecommunications Office,” she adds. 

Besides data transfers, the LTE network also facilitates voice services by means of the new CS Fallback functionality. The network will be therefore available not only to customers with data cards, but also to those using standard mobile devices with LTE support. Vodafone is the first operator to offer this technology in the Czech market.  

The network in Karlovy Vary was built using the allotted frequencies in the 1800 MHz band. The theoretical speed of data transfers reaches up to 100 Mbit/s. The average speed of the Vodafone LTE network is about 30 Mbit/s.


The Vodafone technicians measured the speed at more than 4 thousand spots in Karlovy Vary with these results:


Download [Mbit/s]

Upload [Mbit/s]

Highest speed



Average speed



Most frequently noted speed



The LTE network is available to all customers with the Red Premium tariff or the Mobile Access 10 GB data tariff. The Mobile Access tariff is available to a voice tariff as a data SIM card with a 50 per cent discount. 

To have their SIM card exchanged for an LTE SIM card for free, customers can contact any Vodafone store. A special USB modem allowing for the use of LTE in notebooks is already available at Vodafone stores in Karlovy Vary. At the moment, Vodafone offers three mobile devices supporting LTE – HTC One, HTC One SV and Sony Xperia Z.

The supplier of the radio part of the network is Huawei. Other companies taking part in building of the network are Ericsson and Juniper. 

Last year, Vodafone covered 44 cities with the 3G technology HSPA+ Dual Carrier 42 Mbps.