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Vodafone is ready to launch ePokladna

23. February 2015

Vodafone will soon offer an application and a special device called Vodafone ePokladna which will allow all businesses, even sole proprietors, to issue electronic receipts and send information about sales to the Ministry of Finance online. Vodafone reacts to an upcoming law change that states all businesses will have to register this information. Vodafone already offers a similar solution in other countries (for example, Italy).

Vodafone is the first services provider who is ready to deploy a solution for simple and fast operations with electronic receipts and an online cash register. “We want to offer our Vodafone ePokladna app and device to all middle-sized and even small companies. It will significantly simplify their transfer to the new system,” said Petr Ryska, Vice President for Enterprise Customers, Vodafone.

Customers will be able to buy a convenient all-in-one device, suitable for restaurants or bigger stores, or a cheaper and simpler alternative for smaller businesses – application for smartphones and tablets which is also fully capable of all electronic receipts operations. The ePokladna application simply needs to be installed on a smart device connected to a portable printer. After entering the sum, a receipt is printed and sales information is automatically sent to the Ministry of Finance.

Vodafone will also offer several connectivity options for sending electronic receipts. The service should be affordable for all businesses and its launch is planned for this spring.