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Vodafone supports fresh fathers and gives them extra five days off

22. June 2016

Vodafone is one of the first companies in the Czech Republic which have decided, of their own free will, to give fathers and partners of new mothers five days off after their baby is born. On the occasion of the Father´s Day, Vodafone fathers spoke about this benefit and what it means to them.

At the moment, 52 per cent of Vodafone employees are parents, out of which 48 per cent are fathers with 1.76 child on average. In the long term, Vodafone strives to support fathers and it was among the first companies in the Czech Republic which voluntarily decided to give fathers extra five days off after their baby is born.

"Having a few days off is a great thing for arranging stuff, handling administration or just settling your mind. Our first baby changed more than I had thought. This is a great benefit and it helped me a lot in the new situation," says Tomáš Krejza, Regional Sales Manager at Vodafone. "I really appreciated having an extra week off when our kids were born. I am sure that everyone who has gone through this special time in their life would have appreciated such a humane approach from their employer," agrees Mirek Bula, Head of Governance at Vodafone.

To celebrate the Father´s Day, Vodafone gave its father-employees an audio CD with children´s stories. It also organized a football tournament with voluntary participation fee. The collected amount was doubled by the Vodafone Foundation and donated to the non-profit organization Mimo Domov (Out of Home), which is Vodafone´s partner in the local campaign of the HeForShe global initiative. The money will be used to support children from children´s homes through a training course designed to help them start their new life.

In the long term, Vodafone also supports and gives special benefits to parents who want to get back to work soon after their maternal leave. When returning after the six-month maternal leave, they can work part-time for 30 hours a week while getting a full-time salary. Moreover, in the six months following their return to work, Vodafone pays them the difference between their standard salary and the maternity allowance which they received in the first 16 weeks of maternity leave.

Employee benefits are a very important part of Vodafone’s HR strategy. Parents as well as all other employees whose job description allows it can take advantage of the Flexi Office program which is based on the fact that most employees have no fixed working place. The combination of the Home Office and Flexi Office regimes motivates employees to work from anywhere and allows them to stay at home when their kids are ill.