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Vodafone has a new campaign for business customers

30. March 2012

From April 2, Vodafone will launch a new campaign for the Online Office service that combines a mobile and fixed internet connection with the always current Microsoft Office 365 software. The campaign aims to reach businesses that would like to use high-quality office programs, but do not want to invest more heavily in software acquisition or purchase any updates. The campaign will run until the end of May in the press, radio, online media and outdoor media.

"With the new campaign for the Online Office service, we want to focus on smaller and midsize companies. With this product, the customer receives IT services in "business class". This offer is an allusion to flight attendants," says Markéta Moreno, director of brand communications and customer experience.

The ATL and BTL campaign for Vodafone was created by the Red Team agency and the online campaign by the Advertures agency.

Customers can get Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone by itself or at a special price in combination with a mobile and fixed Internet connection.

More information about the offer can be found at www.vodafone.cz/kancelar-online