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Vodafone will send billing via e-mail

19. July 2012

Vodafone is a socially responsible company, and has therefore for several years motivated its customers to be environmentally friendly and use electronic billing. Online billing is now used by more than 85% of regular Vodafone customers. From July 25th Vodafone will begin billing sent free via e-mail on demand. A printed invoice will also continue to be used, but from the 20th of August for a fee only. All customers affected by the change will be notified in July.

The fee does not apply to disabled customers (using a special Vodafone tariff) and customers over 65 years old.

"For several years, we have encouraged customers to switch to electronic invoices and we also  compensate for the paper consumed in our printed bill by having planted five hundred thousand trees," says Přemysl Filip, senior manager of corporate social responsibility and adds: "The regular use of electronic billing saves us more than six tons of paper per month."

How customers can get their billing free of charge:

  • each month by automatically sending an SMS containing both the amount and the necessary billing information
  • through a detailed bill provided via Internet Self-Care
  • From 25.7. through the service e-mail billing (must be activated)

Sending a hard copy will incur a fee from August 20.

19 crowns, and a detailed statement will be charged at 69 crowns. Detailed and comprehensive listing on the Web and through e-mail will remain free. Activation and switching to electronic billing is also completely free.

Vodafone will inform customers who will pay the fee:

  • in a letter in their billing
  • via SMS
  • through their website in Internet Self-Care and in Vodafone stores

Customers who do not want to continue to get a paper bill have next month to get it canceled. They may use all channels of customer care.