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Vodafone activated Snapchat and is looking for new talents

01. June 2016

Vodafone has launched an activation campaign to find young ambassadors for communication at the Snapchat social networking website. The operator is looking for talented young people from the community so that it could address the target group in an authentic way.

Vodafone is targetting young people in an activation campaign which may help some of them to get a dream job. If they succeed, they can make their living by spending their time on Snapchat and talking to people from the community. Vodafone is going to test all candidates and give them various activation tasks in the course of two weeks.

Vodafone has already used a similar concept in the Nethelands where it managed to find a team of young people to directly communicate with the customers. In the Czech Republic, too, Vodafone wants to employ a group of enthusiasts to take care of the brand in cooperation with the internal digital team and a creative agency.

Vodafone is particularly active at social networking websites and has hundreds of thousands followers at Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. It believes Snapchat is going to be one of the most important channels in the future, especially for targetting young people. The campaign is going to be promoted only within Vodafone´s social profiles.