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Vodafone is going to update its systems over the weekend

25. March 2015

During the weekend of 27 to 29 March 2015, Vodafone is going to update its Self Care systems. In order to ensure that the update runs properly, the Self Care services will be temporarily suspended from Friday 6 p.m. until Sunday evening at the latest.

The update is going to include the systems of the Internet, mobile, voice and SMS Self Care, My Vodafone application, as well as the services of call centre operators and shop assistants at Vodafone stores. As a consequence, customers will be temporarily unable to activate new products or view their bills online, for example. The operation of the network will not be affected in any way.

“We recommend that our customers make all service set-ups and activations by Friday noon. We are truly sorry for the temporary discomfort. The regular technical update is essential, however,” says Petr Smutný, responsible for this project at Vodafone.   

The outage is going to concern both private and business customers. To block their lost or stolen SIM card, customers are recommended to contact the Customer Service at 800 77 00 77. To top up their credit, pre-paid customers can use ATMs, Sazka terminals or online banking. The Vodafone eShop will take orders as usual; however, they won’t be processed and dispatched until after the outage. The services of Vodafone Park server will not be affected in any way.