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Vodafone Czech Republic won Best in Test in the quality tests performed by P3 communications on voice services and data transfers

08. March 2016

Tests on 2,600 calls and 1,100 data connections showed that Vodafone offered the fastest data transfers and most reliable voice services out of those tested. Leading consulting company P3 communications gave Vodafone Czech Republic 863 points out of 1000, awarding it the “Best in Test” certificate. Competing networks received 806 and 724 points.

P3 communications, a recognized authority in the field, performed independent measurements on mobile network quality in the Czech Republic between January 21 and February 8, 2016. The tests covered 21 Czech cities and the roads between them and the results demonstrate the technological advancement of the Vodafone network, which met with high performance in all parameters measured on call quality and data connection quality. Vodafone received top marks in both categories.

“Providing a great customer experience is our top most priority, and we at Vodafone Czech Republic have been relentlessly working for the last two years to build the best 4G Data network in the country. It is therefore very satisfying to see our efforts and investments being recognized with Best in test certificate now by P3, but also already indicated by different independent crowdsourcing platforms like NetMetr by CTU, OpenSignal etc. Another testimony of the same is the growing number of customers and market share over the last many quarters,“ says Balesh Sharma, Vodafone CEO.

Testing took place in real-life conditions in Prague, Brno, Plzeň and eighteen other cities, including travel between them. The measurements were performed using the Samsung Galaxy S5 for voice services and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for the network’s data services. Both models support the LTE network on all frequencies used by operators in the Czech Republic. 

Vodafone’s mobile-to-mobile call setup success rate and call completion success rate was 99.3% in big cities and 98.4% in smaller cities and the roads between them. The competitor called Operator 2 in the certificate had a success rate of 97.5% and 96.9%, respectively, and Operator 3 had a success rate of 96.1% and 95%. In the voice services test, Vodafone received 357 out of 400 possible points, Operator 2 received 326 points and Operator 3 received 275 points.

P3 communications measured data services with emphasis on 4G/LTE and Vodafone received the “Best in test“ score for big and small cities, while all three operators scored the same for data services on the road. Overall the Vodafone network received 506 out of 600 possible points, Operator 2 received 480 points and Operator 3 received 449 points.

The tests also demonstrated the benefits of the new 4G/LTE technology. In big cities P3 communications measured an average of 26.842 Mbps for a ten-second test download. Operator 2 had 21.272 Mbps and Operator 3 had 16.911 Mbps.

The top 10% of connections over Vodafone network were 50.903 Mbps or more, the top 10% for Operator 2 were 42.451 Mbps or more and the top 10% for Operator 3 were 34.962 or more.

For more information, including the certificate and a map of the testing route, please see the P3 communications website: http://p3-cert.com/ueber-p3/p3-aktuell/latest_certificates/.

About P3 communications

P3 is a leading international consulting, engineering and testing services company, which has over 3,000 employees worldwide and posted a turnover of around 300 million EUR (incl. P3 Voith Aerospace, now P3 engineering) in 2015. In the telecommunications sector, the  company provides a broad portfolio of independent technical and management consulting services including network planning, engineering, end-to-end optimization, security, QoS and QoE testing, international benchmarking, device testing and acceptance services. P3’s clients include network operators, equipment vendors, device manufacturers, public safety organizations and regulatory authorities around the world; the company’s own experts combine strong technical know-how with many years of management experience. More on www.p3-group.com