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03. October 2000

The final stage of the Research and Development Center reconstruction has been completed. The Center was set up in April this year following an agreement between Český Mobil a.s., Ericsson s.r.

The final stage of the Research and Development Center reconstruction has been completed. The Center was set up in April this year following an agreement between Český Mobil a.s., Ericsson s.r.o. and the Czech Technical University (CVUT). Construction improvements and adaptations of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the CVUT premises, made possible by Český Mobil, will now enable Ericsson to start installing state-of-the-art technologies. This unique Center was established to develop services and applications based on wireless technologies and implement next generation mobile communications systems in the Czech Republic. The Research and Development Center will open by the end of the year.

Český Mobil a.s., operating under the brand name Oskar, makes significant contributions to telecommunication and IT education in the Czech Republic. Its involvement in the R & D Center includes: initiating the set-up of the Center; and providing investment funding, all current equipment, and the construction improvements. Oskar also provided expert background and management. Ericsson will supply and install essential equipment and will undertake the initial training of the staff. The Czech Technical University is offering the premises and a team of university professors and researchers.

On October 1st, Zdeněk Gűtter, PhD, a respected and well-known name in the research and development of telecommunications networks, services and terminals, was appointed Managing Director of the new Center. “We want to demonstrate that apart from business success stemming from introducing wireless services to the public, Oskar can contribute to training and educating experts in the most advanced and dynamic industry of telecommunications.” said Mr. Gűtter about the Center’s mission. An exclusive interview with Mr. Gűtter is attached to this press release.

Český Mobil a.s. became the third mobile network operator in the Czech Republic after being granted a GSM 900/1800 dual band license by the Czech government in October 1999 and launched commercial operations on March 1, 2000 under the brand name Oskar. As of August 2, Oskar had 100.000 subscribers. The Oskar network covers over 90% of the Czech population and over 99% of the main highways in the country.

Canadian-based Telesystem International Wireless (TIW) is the managing shareholder of Cesky Mobil. TIW is a rapidly growing, global mobile communications operator with over 2.9 million subscribers, in four dynamic geographic clusters. The Company's shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TIW") and NASDAQ ("TIWI").

TIW is deploying a pan-European digital specialized mobile radio (ESMR) network through its subsidiary Dolphin Telecom plc. Dolphin currently offers ESMR services in the United Kingdom, in addition to analog SMR services in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

In addition to its Dolphin operations, TIW is the strategic and operating partner of Brazil’s fifth largest cellular group with operations in four regions. In Central and Eastern Europe, TIW is the cellular market leader in Romania and rapidly growing dual band GSM operator in the Czech Republic.