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Studentfone is going to be part of Vodafone from May

01. March 2016

Studentfone, Vodafone´s virtual operator, has particularly targeted young people. Students rank among the strogest data users and require fast and solid Internet connection. Vodafone and Studentfone have therefore agreed that Vodafone can serve these customers more effectively thanks to its own attractive offer of student tariffs. Studentfone´s services will be terminated as of 30 April 2016.

Vodafone has prepared a special edition of prepaid cards designed particularly for Studentfone customers. As a welcome, they will get a bonus of 500 MB of data free of charge. They will then be able to use this bundle with a 50 per cent discount. Moreover, they can enjoy surfing in Vodafone´s 4G LTE network, which covers 97 per cent of the population of the Czech Republic.

Other advantages which now become available to all Studentfone customers include a free customer care line, a broad network of stores and My Vodafone self care application.

Studentfone customers can transfer to Vodafone from 1 March 2016. They are going to be informed of all the changes through SMS and Studentfone and Vodafone websites.

At the moment, Vodafone and GTS Alive are discussing other cooperation opportunities.