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FINEP and Vodafone signed an agreement for the building of a new HQ

27. March 2012

FINEP can start building the new headquarters of Vodafone, which the operator will rent from FINEP. The last step is today's signing of an agreement between the two companies. The building will be created in the project CITY WEST in Prague's Stodůlky. The headquarters will be a so-called eco-efficient operation, running in a completely friendly way toward the environment.

Signing of the contract was completed after several months of negotiations between the two companies. The result is a rental office building with an area of ​​15,000 square meters.

The building is mainly characterized by its environmental quality. "As one of the first in Prague, the new headquarters of Vodafone will have a Silver LEED certification - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The building is just as beneficial in relation to the environment as also saving in operating costs for future tenants," explains CEO of FINEP Tomáš Pardubický.

"In selecting a new headquarters, we placed emphasis on low energy consumption buildings. Strategic location next to metro station also played an important role," says Muriel Anton, CEO of Vodafone.

FINEP plans to begin construction of the building in the summer 2012. The new Vodafone HQ will be operational from January 2015. "Currently we are preparing a tender for a general contractor," says Tomáš Pardubický.

Together with the building for Vodafone, CITY WEST's current size will increase to approximately 90,000 square meters of office space. CITY WEST has become the fastest growing administrative center in Prague. This is one of the top three office locations in Prague. Thanks to the popularity and speed of construction of this project, FINEP became the market leader in office development.

The City West Center was awarded in the competition Best of Realty in 2010. On the occasion of announcing the Construction & Investment Journal Award it was awarded Best Office Development. The silhouette of CITY WEST is dominated by a ten-floor building in the shape of a diamond. The diamond is a compositionally balanced new administrative building in an H-shape with green quiet zones. The first phase of the complex administrative office buildings will have a final total area of ​​100,000 square meters. CITY WEST currently employees approximately 3500 people.

CITY WEST is an administrative part of the new West Town district of Prague, which has gradually emerged over five years in the locality of Prague Stodůlky. The construction of West Town is divided into several major phases. The first major phase of the project features a new urban park, a central plaza with new services and shops and its own entrance to the metro as well as a successful residential project, 'British district'.