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New solution by Vodafone and Spaceti will save hundreds of thousands of euros a year

28. June 2018

The Czech proptech company Spaceti has recently become Vodafone’s NB-IoT commercial customer and the operator’s new partner in building digitisation. Its simple “3in1” solution, hardware sensors, mobile and online application helps building owners, managers and tenants save hundreds of thousands of euros a year.

Smart Stone

The solution, developed by Spaceti in partnership with Vodafone, is based on “Smart Stone” – a 10x10cm wireless device with clean , round design that can be easily installed in any building, be it offices, a university or a hospital, and connected through Vodafone’s narrow-band Internet of Things (NB-IoT). The devices are then able to communicate with each other efficiently even through walls and ceilings and their low energy demands mean that they can run without a battery change for up to five years. Web analytics then enable the user to monitor a range of indicators such as building occupancy, temperature, humidity or CO2 levels. Better building management then helps the building owner save hundreds of thousands of euros a year.


The innovative technology is now being tested in a pilot project in Vodafone’s Prague headquarters and offers complex digital services to the operator’s employees who can interact with the system through a mobile application. The building management department provides information about meeting room booking and availability as well as free desks in the shared office space. The technology can also be used to monitor parking place availability, booking and navigation to a specific parking spot.

“Spaceti’s smart building solution won the second place in Vodafone’s Idea of the Year start-up competition and the company then grasped this opportunity to join Vodafone’s portfolio of solutions in the fast-developing IoT and building digitisation sector,” says Milan Zíka, Vodafone’s Vice President for technologies. Spaceti CEO Max Verteltskyi adds: “Vodafone is a reliable business and technology partner offering the most sophisticated solution to our technological needs – data penetration, security and scalability. Furthermore, we share the same vision – we want to help companies, building owners and developers digitise their properties through the Internet of Things.“