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Samsung Galaxy S6 is coming to the Czech market. Vodafone customers can pre-register

17. March 2015

New high-end Samsung smartphones are soon to be available at Vodafone. The operator is now offering its customers to pre-register and be the first to learn about the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge in the Czech Republic.

The customers who want to be informed well in advance of the launch of the new Samsung smartphones can register at Vodafone from 17 March. Both smartphones are to be available at Vodafone in the Sapphire Black edition. To a limited number of new as well as existing customers, Vodafone is also going to offer an accessory pack including a wireless charger and a transparent case for CZK 1 to go with the smartphones. For prices of the two models, see the table below:

32 GB

Galaxy S6

CZK 19 777

Galaxy S6 edge

CZK 23 577


This year, Samsung has prepared two versions of its new flagship model. Both are made of solid metal frame with Gorilla Glass 4. They offer a top-quality 16 Mpix rear camera and 5 Mpix front camera. The Quick Launch feature enables an extremely fast access to the camera from any screen in 0.7 s. Both smartphones allow wireless charging with any WPC or PMA-compatible cover.


Smooth operation is guaranteed by the first 64-bit processor in the world manufactured on the 14 nm technology. Samsung Galaxy S6 is also the first smartphone to feature a curved display on both sides of the device. The innovated Samsung KNOX platform ensures security of sensitive data. And of course, both devices support the LTE fast mobile network.