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Naplo wireless connection: twice the data for your home or cottage for the same price

13. June 2017

Following the unveiling of its new Red Naplno tariffs, Vodafone has now doubled the data volume in its portable Internet connection for households. The new Připojení bez kabelu Naplno tariff comes with a data allowance of 60 GB, which they can use wherever they go. The price of the new offer is identical to that of its predecessor, i.e. CZK 449, and will be complemented by other interesting services in September 2017. Vodafone has also prepared a special summer promotion for the users of the older Připojení bez kabelu and Připojení bez kabelu+ tariffs where their data limits will increase from 30 GB to 60 GB.

“When we first offered the Připojení bez kabelu service three years ago, the response among our customers was astoundingly good, so we decided to keep up with the growing data demands of mobile users and our ever evolving tariff structure by doubling the data volume for our home Internet services as well,” says Petr Dvořák, Vodafone’s vice president for non-corporate clients, adding that: „Compared with the original offer, Připojení bez kabelu Naplno now comes with twice the data volume as well as new additional services for users who exceed their data limit. We hope our customers will appreciate a better service for the same price.”

New customers who subscribe to Připojení bez kabelu Naplno after June 12 will get a basic data allowance of 60 GB. If they exceed this limit, their Internet will continue working at the same speed and their data limit will be automatically increased by 5 GB for CZK 49. A new service called Data Limit, available in the self-service Můj Vodafone application, will allow customers to keep their data consumption under control and set and change the maximum number of automatic data additions. If a customer wishes not to use any additional data at all, they can go to the Data Limit service and set the maximum number of 0. This and other extra services will become available at the end of 2017. Until then, customers who exceed the 60 GB limit will see the speed of their connection drop to 256 kbit/s.

Customers who use the current version of Připojení bez kabelu+ will be able to enjoy a special summer promotion where their data limit is automatically increased from 30 GB to 60 GB under the same tariff conditions. At the end of the special summer promotion in September 2017, the customers will switch to the new Připojení bez kabelu Naplno tariff free of charge and they will continue receiving the double data allowance as the default. Customers who do not wish to switch to the new tariff will be able to terminate their contract through the standard channels without any sanctions.

Users of the Připojení bez kabelu service will also see their data limit double to 60 GB this summer at the current speed of 4 / 2 Mbit/s. At the end of the special summer promotion, they will have the choice either to switch to the new Připojení bez kabelu Naplno tariff or return to their original Připojení bez kabelu setting with the 30 GB limit.

Furthermore, Vodafone reduced the price of the Huawei LTE CPE B310 modem as of June 11. Customers with 24-month contracts will be able to buy the modem for CZK 1,777 while customers without a fixed-term contract will pay CZK 2,777. Customers who already own the modem and decide to subscribe to the new Připojení bez kabelu Naplno tariff do not need to make any changes or reset their device. The new tariff will run automatically.

Advantages of the new Připojení bez kabelu Naplno tariff:

  • basic data limit of 60 GB + additional data option (available in September 2017),
  • downstream speed of max. 8 Mbit/s, upstream speed of max. 4 Mbit/s,
  • fully portable modem, can be used at home, in the weekend house, the office or on holiday in boarding houses and hotels in the Czech Republic,
  • one modem may be used to connect up to 32 devices through Wi-Fi and one device by cable (such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks as well as SmartTV, desktop computers or video game consoles),
  • the modem supports all available 3G and 4G LTE frequencies,
  • very simple installation not requiring professional help – the modem is simply plugged into the socket and the user inserts a SIM card.

For terms and conditions of the service go to https://www.vodafone.cz/podminky/podminky-doplnkovych-sluzeb/podminky-sluzby-pripojeni-bez-kabelu-naplno/ .