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Adriana Dergam becomes the Head of Corporate Communication and CSR at Vodafone

22. October 2015

Adriana is coming to Vodafone from the Czech TV where she worked for four years as a foreign news editor. At Vodafone, she is going to be responsible for internal and external communication, as well as for corporate social responsibility.

"My professional career has been quite varied so far. I have worked in the media, in the non-profit as well as public sectors, and in several companies. I believe that I will be able to use my rich experience in my new position," says Adriana Dergam.

Prior to working in the Czech TV, Adriana had lived abroad for 17 years. She studied psychology at the University of Autónama de Madrid. Besides Spain, she also lived in Serbia, for example, where she worked in the PR department at Walton International Search Associates Ltd.

Adriana speaks Spanish, English, Russian, Serbian and French. She likes to spend her time with her family. She also likes travelling and the cinema.