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The new All in one Card rewards customers with SMS, calls and data

21. January 2013

Vodafone is adding the All in one Card; to its prepaid card range. Thanks to this new card, customers topping up their credit are rewarded with the freedom brought by unlimited calls, texting to their own networks, and a data tariff for one week. Customers can purchase the card as of 1 February, and when they top up their credit by at least CZK 300, they will always be able to make automatic use of a gift. The Everything in One Card is designed for customers who like to make unlimited calls, send unlimited texts and using data and who like rewards for topping up their credit.

Customers do not even need to send a text to activate the reward for topping up. Activation is carried out automatically, always after a single top-up amount of CZK 300 for one week or CZK 600 for two weeks. In return, customers receive all three parts of the reward (calls, Connect for a week and texting) as standard. The customer receives confirmation of activation by via text.


Top-up amount

CZK 300-599

CZK 600 and above

Unlimited calls within the Vodafone network

7 days

14 days

Unlimited texting within the Voadone network

7 days

14 days

Connection for one week (60 MB)

7 day

14 days

The price of standard calls with the All in one card is CZK 4.90 per minute to all networks. A text to any network costs CZK 1.50.

For customers who make occasional calls Vodafone still offers the Vodafone Card without Limits, costing an unbeatable CZK 7 for an hour’s call within the network and CZK 2.50 per minute for calls outside the network. Customers with a Vodafone Card without Limits can send a text to all networks for CZK 2.40.

Advantages of Vodafone pre-paid cards:

  • Billing 60+1
  • Customer helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free of charge.
  • There are more than 10 different ways customers can top up their credit and they can do so at thousands of places in the Czech Republic.
  • Opportunity to create set other bundles such as unlimited texts, or data of their own choice.
  • Option to use the Internet Self Care and the My Vodafone application.