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The Vodafone Foundation will grant CZK 5 million to young people´s projects

09. May 2012

The Vodafone Foundation will grant a total of CZK 5,000,000 to the young people under 30 and their informal groups and non-profit organizations taking part in the 7th annual InMotion grant programme. The programme aims to get young people involved in the community development and thus improve their skills and abilities vital for independent life. Projects can be submitted until 29 June 2012. During the five years of its existence, the Vodafone Foundation has distributed more than CZK 100 million to non-profit projects in the Czech Republic.

“Through the InMotion grant programme, we want to support independent initiative of young people and their local communities. The programme aims to develop their creativity and social responsibility,” says Ondřej Zapletal, Executive Director at the Vodafone Foundation.

Last year, the awarded projects included, for example: a project submitted by the non-profit organization Mimo domov supporting the integration of children leaving children’s home, and a project by the VerTedance theatre company presenting a dance performance of a healthy and a disabled performer.

About InMotion 2012:

  • In 2012, a total of CZK 5 million will be granted to the winning projects.
  • The grants are not limited in amount.
  • Grants will cover up to 100 per cent of the projects’ expenses.
  • Project implementation can vary from one day to 12 months, exceptionally 24 months.
  • More information about the programme and application procedure is available at www.nadacevodafone.cz