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67% of voters would welcome the ability to vote by mobile

07. January 2013

Although voter turnout in the Czech Republic in recent years has been on the decline, the internet population declares an unusually high willingness to go elect the president. Respondents would also welcome the opportunity to vote via mobile phone. 67% of respondents would vote from their mobiles. These results come from a survey conducted for Vodafone of the Internet population over eighteen years and executed in December 2012 by the Data Collect Agency, involving 700 respondents.

A mobile could persuade the undecided

The option to elect the president over a cellphone would be used by 67% of respondents. 70% of the respondents, who plan to vote, would rather vote via mobile phone than in person. Up to 57% of those who do not know if they will vote, would be convinced by the option to participate via phone.

We learn the election results on the Internet usually

90% of the respondents are going to take an active interest in the results of the presidential election. As their likely source of presidential election results 49% say internet via fixed and mobile connections, 47% television, and only 3% cited radio, friends or family as the source of this information.