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The Ministry of Justices is calling with Vodafone

14. March 2012

Vodafone has won a new important customer from the public sector – the Ministry of Justice, including all its units such as the Prison Service of the Czech Republic, courts and prosecutor´s offices. More than four thousand ministry SIM cards started to call with Vodafone on 1st February. It is estimated that during the four-year contract, the ministry will save a total of CZK 44 million excl. VAT, that is 65 per cent of its current expenses. Vodafone´s other public sector clients include, for example, the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, the Prague Castle Administration and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

“Vodafone´s share in mobile services of the public sector is constantly growing. It increased from 4 per cent to 6.9 per cent last year. I am convinced that it is owing to the individual approach to every new client and our offer of tailor-made services,” says Tomáš Linhart, Senior Manager, Public Sector Sales at Vodafone.

“Vodafone´s offer in the tender was unbeatable. It will allow us to significantly cut down our expenses on telecommunications services,” says Pavel Kasík, the Deputy Minister of Justice.

Vodafone will provide the Ministry of Justice with the OneNet corporate solution for mobile services.

Vodafone provides telecommunications services in the fixed-line and mobile networks to numerous public sector bodies, including municipalities and regional administrations, as well as ministries and other state administration offices.