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The legendary "Odepiš" tariff now offers ten times the number of free minutes

16. May 2014

Vodafone customers using the "Write Me Back" tariff will now get ten times the number of free minutes for on-net calls while paying only four times more for the tariff every month. In other words, they will get 400 minutes at the price of CZK 49. This tariff (called Odepiš in Czech) belongs to the oldest Vodafone´s tariffs; it is used exlusively by the most loyal customers and cannot be activated anymore.

"The tariff cannot be activated by new customers and thus it is a true reward for those who have stayed with us from the very beginning. While increasing the number of free minutes for calls within the Vodafone network, we allow the most loyal of our customers to call at the price of 12 hellers per minute. This makes "Write Me Back" the most attractive voice tariff in the market," says Petr Dvořák, the Vice President for Consumer Customers at Vodafone. 

The offer is only available to the existing customers using the "Write Me Back" tariff with 40 free minutes. It cannot be activated anymore. The prices of SMS, calls to other networks and calls within the Vodafone network after using up the 400 free minutes remain unchanged. 

The tariff will change as of 20 June 2014. The customers who do not want to use the tariff under the new conditions needn´t necessarily cancel it but may transfer it to a new user.