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Vodafone brand sneakers call without limits

21. January 2016

Vodafone offers unlimited calls without commintment at an advantageous price and launches a new campaign featuring the popular talking sneakers. This time, they are enjoying unlimited calls in the mountains.

The talking sneakers promote the favourite bundle which offers unlimited calls in the network for CZK 99 and gets reactivated every 30 days. Customers who select automatic reactivation plus the Vodafone Smart Top-Up service, get very close to contract customers but they can use the benefits without any commitment. The Smart Top-Up service allows for regular top-up of the credit by payment card or from a tariff customer´s account, the amount for the topped-up credit being added to the invoice for mobile services. For using either way of the smart top-up, the user gets another 10 per cent of the credit for free. The bundle can be changed or deactivated at My Vodafone Self Care, for example.

The campaign starts on 25 January on TV, Internet, print media, outdoor media and at Vodafone stores. It is going to run until 31 March 2016. The campain was directed by Daniel Bird and produced by McCann Prague while MEC Czech provided the media. The sneakers are voiced by Aňa Geislerová.