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The family tariff Red+ to include free wi-fi for home or office

29. February 2016

The family tariff Red+, which offers four unlimited tariffs in one, is going to be even more advantageous from March. Vodafone is now complementing the tariff with a portable wi-fi connection free of charge.

“The quality of the Vodafone LTE network is constantly increasing and therefore we are striving to provide fast Internet to all our customers and their devices. The four unlimited tariffs of Red+ are now to be complemented with a portable wi-fi network which can be easily operated not only at home, but also at your weekend house or office,” says Petr Dvořák, the Vice President for Consumer Customers at Vodafone.

The Red+ tariff is available in two versions: one for families, the other for small businesses. Both offer four unlimited tariffs at a single price. Customers need no longer worry about their credit or unexpected expenses for calls or SMS. The tariff includes basic data volume which is shared among four SIM cards; the account administrator can easily set up how much data is to be spent by each SIM card every month.



Business Red+

Unlimited tariffs



Shared data

2 GB

3 GB



up to 12 days of roaming

Connection without a cable

4/2 Mbps

8/4 Mbps


CZK 1 499

CZK 1 999


Connection without a cable is a portable wi-fi connection and one of the most popular Vodafone´s data products. Without being charged any extra fee, Red+ customers can now surf the Internet at home or at their weekend house and connect not only their smartphones, but also their computers and other devices to the wireless network. They can thus save another CZK 399 every month, which makes a total of CZK 9,576 saved in two years.

The high quality of Vodafone´s LTE network has been confirmed by a number of independent tests. The meassurement results of the NetMetr application, which confirm Vodafone´s LTE network´s leading position, are to be found at the website of the Czech Telecommunications Office. For more information please go to  https://www.netmetr.cz/mesicni-vysledky.html.