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Having covered 80 per cent of the territory with LTE, Vodafone makes Czech holidays even more fun

25. June 2015

Vodafone continues to expand LTE coverage to other Czech towns. In May, another thirteen towns located mostly in the regions of Liberec and Central Bohemia were covered with LTE. By 31 May 2015, Turbo Internet was available in 5,044 Czech towns, 4,808 of which had LTE signal.

“When launching LTE, we promised that we would cover nearly all towns in the Czech Republic by the end of the summer. We believe that the rapid growth of LTE and dozens of new localities will please the holiday visitors coming to towns like České Budějovice, Poděbrady or Turnov. We offer the best coverage in the countryside and thus our customers can enjoy good Internet connection even while picking blueberries,” says Jiří Švarc, the Head of Network Development at Vodafone.

By 31 May 2015, Vodafone had put into operation more than three thousand 4G base stations. Having focused on the coverage of regional towns and areas outside of cities, Vodafone now covers 80 per cent of the territory of the Czech Republic with LTE. Combined with the 3G Turbo Internet network, Vodafone offers fast mobile Internet to 97 per cent of the Czech population on the 87 per cent of the territory of the Czech Republic. It is especially the development of the mobile data networks that accounts for the increasing number of Vodafone customers. While the market is otherwise stable, their number grew by 41 thousand in the last two quarters of the year.

Vodafone’s focus on LTE can be also traced in the fact that 84 per cent of all mobile devices sold at Vodafone in May 2015 were represented by phones with LTE support. The interest in LTE was also raised by the new Vodafone Smart Prime 6 which, according to independent reviews, offers the best value for money in its category.

Besides the bigger towns listed below, the fast mobile Internet was made available in several smaller towns, too.

In May 2015, Vodafone launched LTE in the following towns:

  • Southern Bohemian Region - České Budějovice,
  • Southern Moravian Region - Modřice (District of Brno-venkov),
  • Karlovy Vary Region - Chodov (District of Sokolov),
  • Liberec Region - Jablonec nad Nisou, Liberec, Nový Bor (District of Česká Lípa), Turnov (District of Semily),
  • Moravian-Sileasian Region - Kopřivnice (District of Nový Jičín),
  • Pardubice Region – Pardubice
  • Central Bohemian Region – Kolín, Mladá Boleslav, Poděbrady (District of Nymburk),
  • Ústí nad Labem Region - Jirkov (District of Chomutov).

For more information and new maps of the Turbo Internet coverage, please go to www.vodafone.cz/turbo