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How comes that data might be deducted from the basic bundle even though I am using Vodafone Pass?

  • With the Video Pass and Music Pass, you can view our partners' contents without it being charged to your basic data bundle.
  • That includes, for example, playing series, films, music albums of your favourite artist etc., according to the application you are currently using.
  • Some applications included in these Passes offer subscriptions, others contain advertisements which keep the content free for you, and playing the advert supports the artists.
Why the viewed or played advertisement might utilise data from my basic data bundle?

With regard to how advertisement networks work on the Internet, it is often the case that different adverts are played to different people for them to see or hear an offer that will be interesting to them. These adverts are downloaded from various sources and might not be stored directly with the content provider whose application you are using. If the advertisement is added by a third party, we, and often even our partners, cannot tell that it is played or viewed within a certain application. That is the reason why we cannot guarantee that when you play an advert, the data will not be charged to your basic data bundle.

In any case, you don't have to worry about the vast majority of the data operation in the applications included in the Passes - it will not be charged to your basic data bundle. Vodafone Passes will save you a significant amount of data, so that you can use your basic data bundle for other activities on the Internet. You can find the list of functionalities within the individual applications that are included in the Vodafone Passes and are not charged to you basic data bundle here.

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