What is the My Vodafone Self Care at muj.vodafone.cz/en for?

My Vodafone Self Care is used for immediate set-up of your phone number and customer account with Vodafone. You will get an overview of your current spending at any time and the services Bill for the past periods, or you can order services or bundles. In the Self Care you can modify your personal and billing details or you can block SIM upon loss and order a new one.

You will find the My Vodafone Self Care at muj.vodafone.cz/en. You sign in the Self Care with the same password you are using for communication with the operator.

Information on your tariff and easy change of services

On the Settings of Services - Active services page you will find all services which are active on your phone number. This includes also the monthly charges for these services. You can also change the services here.

Billing and overview of payments

In the menu Expenditure and bills ? Bills you will find the bill for the services for the past periods including the payment information. You can download the bill in PDF format.

In the menu Expenditure and bills ? Bill and payment history you will find an overview of the last five received payments.

Smart overview of the current spending

In the menu Expenditure and bills - Current expenditure and usage you will find the overview of your current spending as of the given time. So every time you know how many units out of your bundles you have already used. You can view a detail of the current spending which includes detail of each bundle as well as the expenses which exceed it.

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