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I want to cancel my agreement. How should I proceed and what does it mean for me?

  • You can use our services without a commitment or with an agreement for a definite term (usually 24 months), with which you get e.g. better tariff prices or the option of buying a telephone on instalments.
  • You can cancel the concluded agreement prematurely, but you should know that we may charge you a certain part of the unfulfilled liability.
  • Notice of termination may only be submitted by the owner of the customer account, meaning the person to whom the number is registered.
How can I terminate an agreement for a definite term?
For premature agreement termination, use the form available on our website.
Complete it according to the instructions, print it out, sign it and send it to the registered office address of Vodafone. The form cannot be sent in digital format.
As soon as we receive your notice of termination, we will confirm it via SMS.
The notice period ends after 30 days after reception of your notice of termination at the Vodafone headquarters.
Submitting a notice of agreement termination does not lead to cancellation of the telephone number.
Unless we agree otherwise during the notice period, we will continue to provide you with your current tariff and services according to standard prices without the discounts arising from the agreement.

Useful information:

Will I pay any penalties/fines for premature termination of the agreement?

During premature termination of the agreement on provision of more favourable conditions, we will bill you 'compensation', which is calculated as follows:

  1. 20% of the sum of all minimum monthly spending limits (MSL) that remain to be paid until the end of the agreed term of the agreement.
  2. 100% of the sum of all minimum monthly spending limits (MSL) that remain to be paid until the end of the agreed term of the agreement if you are a corporate customer.
  3. If we provided you with a price discount on a device, we will also bill you the proportional part of the provided discount.
Example: You concluded the agreement with us as a non-corporate customer for a definite term until 1 December 2017. Your billing date is the 4th day of the month and we received your notice of termination on 1 June 2017. The notice period will end on 30 June 2017. Your minimum monthly spending limit is CZK 690. This means that there are 5 months left until the end of the agreement. Therefore, the value of compensation for premature termination of the agreement will be (690 x 5) x 20% = CZK 690.
When and how can I request cancellation/porting of my telephone number?
Check if you have an agreement for a definite term for your number.
If so, you first have to terminate the agreement using the above procedure.
Call the Customer Care number.
This is the easiest method. Submission of notice of termination is regulated in Art. 6 of the General Terms and Conditions.
The number will be cancelled after the passing of the notice period.
The notice period ends after 30 days. The number can be ported to another operator at earliest 4 days before the end of the notice period. Porting is regulated by the Terms and Conditions of the Telephone Number Porting Service (CZ).

What you should know:

  • In the case of number cancellation (porting) during the billing period, monthly fees will be billed proportionally. Data tariffs have an exception and they will not be billed proportionally.
  • Until the date of number cancellation, you can use all your free units in our network.
  • In case you are using a prepaid card and want to transfer the phone number to another provider, you should spend all your credit till the day of transfer, otherwise your credit will be lost. The credit cannot be transfered with the phone number.
I have a framework agreement with Vodafone. How should I proceed?

We will issue a form of Termination of the Agreement on Provision of More Favourable Conditions to customers with a framework agreement. Call *77 where you will also receive details about the conditions of premature termination of the agreement.

You can use My Vodafone even if you have inactive mobile phone number. Please log in with your payer number on this page. The payer number is visible on your Invoice. Login to your customer account using the payer number is possible for 6 months after the cancellation of your last telephone number with Vodafone.

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