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How can you recharge with a recharge coupon?

Remove the recharge coupon from the protective cover sheet and, on the back side of the coupon, carefully rub off the protective coating (we recommend avoiding using objects with sharp edges not to damage the coupon). Under the protective coating, you will find a twelve-digit recharge number you can then enter in one of the methods described below. And you are recharged.

Do you want to recharge your phone number from your own mobile telephone?

Recharging through Voice Self Care from your own telephone

  1. Dial *77 (the call is free in the CR).
  2. From the voice menu, select Recharge of Credit.
  3. After being asked to do so, enter the twelve-digit recharge number from the back side of the coupon on your keyboard and confirm it with hash sign #.
  4. Await the confirmation of the successful recharge.

Are you unsure of whether you can handle it? Don't worry: if you enter the recharge number incorrectly three times, we will automatically divert your call to our representative who will help you with your recharge.

Recharging from own telephone with an SMS
  1. Create a new SMS with DOBIJ VOD 123456789012in the body, where you replace 123456789012 with the recharge number from the coupon.
  2. Send the SMS to 7700 (this is free in the CR).
  3. We will confirm the successful recharge with an SMS.
Do you want to recharge another Vodafone number?
  1. If you want to recharge an arbitrary phone number, write a new SMS with DOBIJ VOD 123456789012 608123456 in the body and replace 123456789012 with the recharge number from the coupon and 608123456 with the telephone number you want to recharge.
  2. Send the SMS to the number 7700 (sending of SMS is free in the CR).
  3. We will confirm the successful recharge with an SMS.
Do you want to recharge an arbitrary Vodafone phone number with a coupon via the internet?
  1. At our website
  2. Select the tab Top-up using a voucher.
  3. Enter the phone number you want to recharge and the voucher number.
  4. Confirm by clicking at Top up.
  5. We will confirm successful recharge by sending you an SMS to the number recharged.
How will the recharge be performed when done abroad?

No worries. We will only charge you a fee for related roaming transmission (voice, SMS), depending on the way you are recharging. You cannot recharge the Vodafone card with a coupon purchased at a Vodafone subsidiary abroad - only a coupon purchased in the CR applies.

Where can I purchase the recharge coupon and how much for?

You can buy the recharge coupons in the values of 200, 500 and 1,200 CZK:

  • From any Vodafone store
  • From the retail networks as of Albert
  • From tobacconists and newsstands
  • From most branches of Czech Post
  • From most gas stations
  • Or you can order them from the Vodafone sales line at 800 777 777.

The Vodafone Card can be recharged with up to 15,000 CZK. When attempting recharging over this limit, the transaction will not be performed. You can recharge any Vodafone number which uses the recharge card (credit services).

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