How to establish the current level of credit?

At your telephone, enter the code *22# and confirm as if it was a call. The display will show your current amount of credit.

After each call, we will show the amount of your credit on the display (unless you have yourself changed the setting).

Other ways of establishing your credit level

In Voice Self Care:

  1. Call the Voice Self Care *77 from your mobile.
  2. Enter the password for your account and confirm it with hash #
  3. Select 1 ? Your account and your services
  4. Select 1 ? State of your credit, recharge and information in various languages
  5. Select 1 ? State of your credit and recharge
  6. As the last step, select 1 ? Credit, date of credit expiry where you can find out the amount of your credit.

You can also find the amount of your credit in the Internet Self Care in the Costs under Control section.

Notification of a low credit

If the credit at your telephone number drops to 50 CZK, we will send you an SMS with a suggestion to recharge; you will hear the invitation to recharge your credit before and after every following call you make. The SMS and voice message are informational and they cannot be cancelled. We recommend you recharge your credit to avoid it being used up.

What happens when the credit gets used up?
  • Your card gets blocked for all paid and outgoing services.
  • When you attempt to make a call, you will hear a message about the necessity to recharge your credit, when you try to use other services, the message will show on your display.
  • You will not be able to order any paid services and bundles.
  • You can only call to *77 and to the emergency lines.
  • You can only send emergency SOS text messages.

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