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How the roaming works in the EU? (I have a postpaid tariff)

  • You can use your tariff in the countries of the European Economic Area (all of them fall within Zone 1) as if you were in the Czech Republic.
  • The European Economic Area includes all member states of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Great Britain.
List of EEA countries - Zone 1: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guyana, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Vatican.
What settings are required so that I can use my Czech tariff?
  1. If your roaming is switched off, you just need to switch on either the Roaming for a Day or the World Roaming tariff. Both will allow you to use your tariff in Zone 1 as if you were at home.
  2. Correct settings of your mobile phone and data roaming enabled in the menu.
Where can I check my roaming tariff and make sure that it is switched on?
Log into My Vodafone and go to Abroad (Roaming).
To enter the My Vodafone Self Care, you will need your password.
Check if your roaming is switched on and activate it if it is not.
You can either opt for the World Roaming or the Roaming for a Day tariffs. The selected tariff mainly affects the conditions under which you will use our services in Zone 2 and 3 countries.
How does my Czech tariff work in Zone 1 countries?

Calls and SMS

  • Incoming calls will newly be completely free of charge regardless of your tariff.
  • You can use your free minutes and SMS to all networks to call or send SMS to any Czech number and any number from the Zone 1 countries. For example, with the Red tariff, you don't pay anything extra, and all calls and SMS to any Czech number and any number from the Zone 1 countries are covered in the tariff.
  • If you have free minutes or SMS only to the Vodafone network, you can only call or send SMS within the Czech Republic. In Zone 1 countries, we will charge you for these calls and SMS as if you were calling or sending SMS to other Czech networks.
  • If you use up all your free units to all networks, we will charge you for the calls and SMS exceeding the free units as if you were in the Czech Republic and called or sent SMS to other Czech networks.
  • If your tariff involves free minutes for calls abroad, you can use these to call from the Czech Republic to certain countries (just like you used to).
  • The Friends and VPN services cannot be used abroad.

Internet connection

  • You can freely use your data bundle both in the Czech Republic and in Zone 1 countries. It will work the same way. If you have mobile tariff with unlimited connection, you have available specific amount of data (see the pricelist) that you can use in Zone 1 countries.
  • It does not matter whether you use the Roaming for a Day or World Roaming tariff. The connection will work the same with either of them.
I have a data SIM card that I use to connect to the internet, can I also use it abroad?
  • A data SIM card allows you to connect to the internet in the Czech Republic. It will not work abroad.
  • Data SIM card is a number that only uses an Internet connection bundle (above 499 MB). It has no free voice or SMS units.
  • If you have a shared data SIM card available with Red and Start tariffs or the #jetovtobě tariff, you can connect to the internet even from abroad.
How will Roaming for a Day work in Zone 1? Does it pay off?
  • Do not worry, you can keep the Roaming for a Day tariff activated. We will not charge you the daily fee in Zone 1 and you will be automatically using your Czech tariff.
  • In other countries where the Roaming for a Day can be used (Zone World countries), you will be able to use your free units for 24 hours for the fee of CZK 199.
  • In the rest of the world where we do not offer the Roaming for a Day tariff, we will charge you based on the basic World Roaming tariff.
What happens if I switch on any of the roaming data or voice bundles?
  • If you activate both the World Roaming tariff and the Connect for a Day/for Good from Abroad or some other roaming data package, this package will take priority and we will charge the internet connection based on the active roaming data package. In that case, you are not using your Czech data package in Zone 1.
  • If you decide to go back to the basic settings, wishing to use your Czech tariff in Zone 1, you can just activate the basic tariff ("Connect Abroad") in My Vodafone self care in section Abroad (Roaming) - Connect from Abroad.
  • Roaming bundles with free minutes are utilised first and when the free minutes are all gone, we charge your calls within Zone 1 based on your Czech tariff.
What if I call to countries outside Zone 1?

If you are in Zone 1 and call outside it, this will be charged as a roaming call outside Zone 1. This may happen, for example, if you are in Germany and wish to call to the USA.

  • outgoing call: CZK 7.47 per minute (after 30 seconds, we start charging you per second)
  • SMS: CZK 1.99
  • MMS: CZK 6.20

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