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Vodafone is the first Czech operator to launch SD-WAN: a simple method for managing complex networks

12. května 2020

An intelligent network that can anticipate and manage demand and is controlled by software from a single point: this is the Vodafone SD-WAN service. The Czech Republic is the first European market in the Vodafone Group to offer this solution, on the VeloCloud platform of leading software company VMware. The software-defined network can result in significant savings and can thus help companies manage the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Vodafone Business brand helps companies in the digital world to do business better and more efficiently and is now offering the network solution of the future: the Vodafone Software-Defined Wide Area Network (abbreviated to Vodafone SD-WAN’). The service, the result of a global agreement between the Vodafone Group and software company VMware, can create intelligent networks.

Such a network is controlled from a single, central, user-friendly portal. Thanks to SD-WAN, firms can preferentially route network traffic in a cost-effective way and enable an uninterrupted and more secure connection.

“Vodafone SD-WAN intelligently routes network data and allows priority to be given to important applications and protocols, such as payment systems, Office 365, voice services or video conferencing. Users have the connectivity they need when they need it. The combination of Vodafone and VMware technologies results in a premium-quality service for customers, based on current demand. It thus offers an effective cost-saving solution,” says Jonathan Rutherford, Vodafone Czech Republic Director for Vodafone Business Unit.

Each part of the network is highly secured, encrypted, and governed by rules set by the customer. In addition, the network is flexible and can respond to the demands of today’s dynamic environment,” he adds.

SD-WAN helps with the consequences of the COVID crisis

The new service is a way that customers can manage the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. SD-WAN is the ideal solution for companies who need to rapidly reprioritise for homeworking, change their operations towards being more digital, or enable automated control of their network services to reduce the need for physical visits.

Vodafone’s global network extends across 182 countries and 1 million kilometres of fibre assets. Vodafone SD-WAN has a proven ability to deliver around the world, leveraging our incredible coverage to provide great reliability at best value.

The SD-WAN service allows companies to anticipate and direct various types of traffic via the most suitable data paths, whether they are guaranteed connectivity, DSL, broadband, 4G networks, and suchlike. Thus, companies can obtain the most valuable results and performance from their networks.

Available in a couple of days

Companies will be able to start using SD-WAN within a few days. Vodafone will help them select tailor-made solutions and guide and work with them, from analysis and solution configuration to migration, installation, and aftercare.

More information can be found at vodafone.cz/sd-wan.

About Vodafone Czech Republic

Since 2005, Vodafone Czech Republic has been part of one of the world’s largest telecommunications groups, the Vodafone Group, and serves more than 3.9 million customers. It has been providing a full range of telecommunications services to business customers since 2007, via Vodafone OneNet, and has issued more than 1.5 million SIM cards to companies. In July 2019, after the merger with UPC Česká republika, Vodafone increased by 1.5 million the number of households connected to the next-generation network, which provides services to more than half a million broadband internet customers, half a million cable television customers, and two hundred thousand fixed-line customers.  On several occasions, Vodafone has won the Best in Test award for the quality of its voice and data services, based on tests carried out by firm P3 communications. Currently, the company’s mobile LTE network covers 99 % of the Czech population and Vodafone offers fixed internet to 99 % of Czech households. In addition, in the autumn of 2017, Vodafone covered the Czech Republic with a special narrow-band internet of things (NB-IoT) network, making the service fully operational in December of that year. Vodafone is pursuing a long-term sustainable development strategy, has signed up to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and is changing society for the better through technology. The company wants to further support the digital society, which will be diverse and open to all regardless of age or gender, and has an ambition to improve one billion lives by 2025. Through the Vodafone Foundation, Vodafone employees spend more than 7,500 hours per year volunteering. In the 13 years since it was founded, this organisation has become one of the most significant investors in technology-based social innovations, which improve society and the lives of disadvantaged groups. You can find more information at www.vodafone.cz.

About VMware

VMware and VeloCloud are registered trademarks or trademarks of VMware, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and other jurisdictions.